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Sound Therapy, Holistic Wellness, Harmonic Arts, Shadow work therapy, Somatic Healing

Sacred Reveal


Our Mission is to create customized programs & products to support each individual on their own unique journey back to self

Hey, I'm Alicia!


What if you were right all along? 

What if that inner voice, call it your intuition, your innate instinct, your gut reaction; what if that is and always was your unfailing guidance system, your direct line into all the insight and direction you will ever need to succeed in this life....


and all the other societal constricts, institutions with agendas, well-meaning friends, relatives, and authority figures throughout your life were wrong?


They did not know what was best for you.

You did.  

That’s an unsettling thought. But even as you’re reading this, that voice, your inner knowing, is whispering that it’s true.


Your loved ones were well-meaning, but they didn’t know any better... 


They just wanted you to comply, get along, be manageable, Fit in with the rest for your own good, and not rock the boat by standing out and proudly, loudly celebrating who you really are, unique, powerful, beautifully exquisite, and just freakin' magnificent. 

Who does that anyway? 

You can.


Ok, so you’ve been there, tried it their way, and you’ve progressed as far as you can go. Hampered by imposed limitations, cramped by others’ expectations, no wonder you’re out of alignment like a sliding door you have to force closed, because it’s not quite in the groove. 

Oh, it’s not exactly intolerable, but it’s not what you imagined for your life. 

It has left you feeling frustrated, stuck, repressed, unworthy, and living in lack. 


Wouldn’t you rather be glowing with confidence, moving through the world with ease, integrated into your authentic soul essence, magnetizing to you everything you could ever want? 

Of course, you would because that is your birthright. That is what your life is supposed to be like.


It's time to take back your power and reclaim your self-sovereignty through Holistic Wellness!


I am Alicia Clark, your guide to the essential journey known as the Sacred Reveal. 

I am gifted and certified in every aspect of what is needed to help you delve deeply as you venture inward through layer upon layer of irrelevant should's and could haves, to finally uncover the lost and almost forgotten real YOU and bring her out into the light, allowing her to SHINE.


You’ve experienced what it feels like to let others clip your wings. 

Let’s work together to show you how to spread those wings and FLY!

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