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What Clients Say

I love getting feedback—both complementary and constructive.  I’m proud to have gained the trust of my valued clients. Read on to see what others have said about me.

Image by Robert Koorenny

Tami- Jo 

Alicia the owner of Sacred Reveal has been such a breath of fresh air to my soul!!
We connected so easily from the start and she made me feel so comfortable with her very kind and loving spirit.
Her intuition and willingness to be connected to me and what I'm going through has been so settling and reassuring to my heart and what Im going through at the moment.
She has contacted me out of the blue when I'm on her heart and sent to me cards and words that resonate with me soooo deeply and profoundly... just mind blowing how much what she sends me is right on point with what I'm going through in that very moment!! Just wow!
I am so seriously thrilled and feel blessed to have met her and her be part of my healing and growing journey towards an exciting new future!!
Sending you so much love and gratitude for your helpful heart and healing that you've offered me.
Alicia is most definitely spiritually gifted and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and any of her services to help amplify your spiritual journey and growth.



Thalia Devi

Being held by Alicia through our online coaching sessions has been and continues to be an incredibly profound journey which never ceases to amaze me.
The quality of listening, feeling heard, seen, witnessed, all of it, has been impeccable.

The depth and safety of her container has allowed me to reveal things I’ve never shared with another soul. It’s one thing to share something and it’s another to feel fully received in your totality with such compassion by someone who gets it, because they too have walked through the valley of shadows and alchemized their pain into power.

She had supported me in integrating parts of myself that I thought would never be fully loved and embraced. She is a true miracle worker!

She has reflected to me the deepest truth of my being, and every session feels like a weaving of pure magic that has both of us in awe, every time!

I always get what I need without knowing what I need, and her psychic abilities are always right on point.

Alicia’s spaceholding is potent and I am forever grateful to have been guided to her on my healing journey.

Thank you for holding me the way you do. I recommend Alicia to anyone walking this journey home to wholeness, as we all are.


Words cannot describe how my life has changed since I met Alicia.  I have been going for sessions with her for 4 years and in those 4 years I have grown so much mentally and spiritually. Alicia's treatments are very powerful and she always holds space for me in whatever I am going through.

Thank you Alicia for your comforting, kind and the transformative support you have given me from the beginning. 

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