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Full Year 1:1 

I create and provide custom coaching and empowerment packages for each client.   Every person needs different tools to support them in uncovering and reclaiming the ability to live from a space of authentic soul expression. 

This program is a liberating experience as I invite clients to free themselves from limiting beliefs and conditioning imposed on them from life experiences/childhood traumas, etc.  Gently guiding each person to see how to live in alignment with who they are at the core of their essence.  This holds the power to transform their life from the inside out.  Deeping the love, compassion,  connection, intuition, acceptance, and presence within self allows for their external world to also transform.  (As within so without) 

I support this transformative work by incorporating and teaching different tools, practices, and integration methods.  I partner with the client to create a safe, loving container that is free from shame and judgment and instead is a container filled with love and acceptance. 


The sessions are approached in a holistic fashion that works with all levels of the nervous system and the primal, limbic, and cortical brain.  Empowering clients to free themselves from the paradigm that they need to be at war with themselves,  and instead invite them to integrate aspects they were taught to be unacceptable.  The transformation comes from bringing all parts of ourselves into integrated and deep alignment. 


I focus on using goal/ desire-based outcomes, determine what is in the way of these goals, and support them through deep transformation to move through their blockages.  I incorporate breathwork, movement,  meditation,  embodiment, sound, mindfulness, and many other modalities to support this process. 


I collaborate with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal/ professional/spiritual potential.  


This is a roundabout nutshell of how I approach each client. But the real magic happens once we start the co-collaborative process to uncover the path for each person's soul reclamation and liberated empowerment.   We are all unique, which means we need our own unique path created to support our transformation.  


For this year-long 1:1 coaching package, I  only accept 5 clients each year as I must ensure each client is receiving my full support as they navigate their own journey. This work is sacred and must be treated with care.  Please reach out for more details.

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