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Bodywork & Sound Session

Healing Hands & Sound Vibration Unite

  • 2 hr
  • 222 Canadian dollars
  • Home Studio Location

Service Description

In this unique session, I combine Bodywork Massage with Sound Therapy. I begin this session with a 60-minute bodywork massage- This allows for me to awaken the energetic channels and relax the muscles within the body before shifting into a 45-minute sound therapy session. This is a powerful experience as we awaken and nourish the body with physical touch and manipulation of the muscles and then incorporate pure sound vibration to clear out anything that is no longer serving us. The massage brings you into a deep state of relaxation which allows for the sound vibration to penetrate even deeper into the muscles, joints, ligaments, and organs- creating space for profound healing of the Body Mind, and Soul. What is Bodywork massage? Bodywork massage is a bit different than your typical massage for it does not only focus on the muscles and physicality of the body but also the energetics. In these massage sessions, I connect to your energy and begin listening to the body and how it needs support in finding balance. While I work on the tight muscles and knots I also create space for old trauma, belief systems and trapped emotions to release from the body. We store so many memories within our body and its energetic field that are often overlooked in regular massage which is one of the reasons I believe we have recurring injuries and strains. Our body only has one way of communicating with us that something within is out of alignment and that is through disease, pain, strains, and physical ailments. I believe when we move past the tight muscle and get to the deeper source of the ailment we are able to release ourselves from the memory, belief system, or trauma that is being stored within that area of the body causing recurring injuries or issues. In this massage I work with meridians, acupressure points, marma point and energy centers in the body to ensure the energetic channels running through your system are working at optimal levels. Depending on where you are at on your healing journey this may take longer to bring into balance as there will be more unmet aspects of your lived experience that we need to work through. In this regard committing to a regular schedule of bodywork sessions would be recommended. We did not store all our past hurt and trauma in our bodies overnight and so we can not expect it to be cleared in one session. We always want to go easy on our nervous system as if we unpack too many layers all at once it can cause for

Contact Details

  • 3912 38 Avenue, Red Deer, AB, Canada

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