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1:1 Smoke & Sound Ceremony

Intention + Cannabis + Sound = Transcendence

  • 2 hr
  • 175 Canadian dollars
  • Home Studio Location

Service Description

In the Smoke & Sound session, your heart-based intention is woven into the plant medicines wisdom of organically grown cannabis. The cannabis used in this ceremony is grown from seed using all-natural fertilizers and daily words of affirmation. I believe this makes for powerful medicine as it has grown surrounded by vibrations of love, devotion, and celebration. Incorporating sound therapy with this plant medicine greatly supports shamanic journeying or deep states of meditation. Entering into these states creates space for spiritual transcendence - breaking free from the limited perception of the conscious mind. It acts as a doorway into our subconscious. A unique journey uniting the wisdom of plant medicine with the pure vibration of sound. Spiritual Benefits of Cannabis Ceremonies & Rituals Cannabis has long been identified as an entheogen: A plant that can expand one’s consciousness and assist in spiritual growth. In Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, cannabis is understood as a divine healing plant connected with Lord Shiva. All over the globe, cannabis is being combined with practices such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. In cannabis-based spiritual practices, we honor the plant for providing a gateway to the divine through connection with the self, others, and the Earth. Cannabis rituals: They’re more powerful than you may think... Opening Ritual or Ceremony space before smoking cannabis is often extremely effective in charging an intention, helping an individual to feel in control, reducing uncertainty, or diminishing anxiety. During the smoke & sound session, we treat the plant as a sacrament or refer to it as a teacher with numinous messages to impart. Setting a clear intention before smoking or consuming is vital. Benefits of Sound Therapy Sound and music can be effective healers for a range of mental, emotional, and even physical ailments, and have been a valuable treatment for several conditions such as: • Depression • Anxiety disorders • PTSD • Dementia • Autism spectrum disorders • People with learning difficulties • Those with behavioural and psychiatric disorders • Sleep disorders • Aches and pains • Some cancers Some of the most highly reported benefits of music therapy and sound healing include: • Reduced stress • Fewer mood swings • Lower blood pressure • Lower cholesterol levels • Better pain management • Reduced risk of strokes and coronary artery disease • Improved sleep

Contact Details

  • 3912 38 Avenue, Red Deer, AB, Canada

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